January 24

Disclaimer: the plastic container is not oven safe.

Lasagna: Let stand at room temp for 30 minutes prior to heating.  350 covered for 50 minutes.  Uncovered for 10.  Half 30 minutes then uncovered for 10

Lemon rosemary chicken: 30 minutes covered at 350.  Half 20 minutes

Clam chowder: heat in an heavy bottomed sauce pan stirring continuously until hot.

Steak Tips:  Let stand at room temp for 15-20 minutes before heating. 350 uncovered for 10-15 minutes.

Chicken broccoli alfredo: heat covered at 350 stirring occasionally for 20 minutes or until hot.

Sides: 350 uncovered for 10-15 minutes or until hot.

Squash rings:  heat at 2350 uncovered for 15 minutes or until hot.


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