Homemade Delicious

Professional Chef
Made Meals

If you have ever wished you could have restaurant quality meals, prepared and delivered directly to your door, we invite you to dine in the comfort of your own home with your private Chef ~ Kenneth Payette.

Deliver-to-home meals have never been so easy or so good. Unlike other food subscription meal plans, your meal arrives prepared and ready to cook. There are no difficult recipes to follow. Simply open and follow the final cooking or reheating directions and you will have a meal that will satisfy even the most discriminating of palettes.

Every week your menu will include multiple entrée options and a dessert that reflects the tastes of the season. Each entrée is individually packaged with four to six portions approx 6-8 onces each, fully prepared and ready to eat in minutes.

What sets us apart from other home delivery services is our ability to work with you to customize your meal. Your personal Chef has your needs covered when it comes to alternative options including but not limited to keto, dairy free, gluten free, allergen sensitive, and vegan or vegetarian.  All options are available with advanced notice.

Half portions are available with two to three portions each.  Additional portions can also be accommodated.

Have a particular craving for something unique? Speak with Kenneth and special orders can be made with advance notice.

Catering and delivery are also available for both homes and businesses accommodating up to 200 guests.

Amazing food made by a professional Chef just for you.