January 17

Disclaimer:  the plastic container isn’t oven proof.

pot pie: 350 loosely uncovered for 40-50 minutes if the top gets too brown put the foil cover on to keep from getting burned. Half: 30-40 minutes

chicken cordon blue: 350 for 30 minutes covered.  Then add 10 minute increments if not hot.  Half: 20 minutes then add 10 if needed

Bolonaise pasta::  350 covered for 30 minutes stirring occasionally or until hot.  Half: 20 minutes

Cabbage and Kielbasa: 350 for 20 minutes uncovered or until hot.  Stir occasionally.  Half: 15 minutes or until hot

sides: 350 uncovered for 10-15 minutes or until hot

soup: heat slowly on medium heat stirring occasionally until hot

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